Deathstate screams onto PS4 April 25th

Innovative single-stick indie bullet hell roguelike shooter RPG comes to PS4 April 25th, 2017

Deathstate PS4 Game Screenshot

Rochester NY, April 14th 2017 – Deathstate : Abyssal Edition, the best transdimensional single-stick indie bullet hell roguelike shooter RPG, is launching on PS4 on April 25th, 2017. The Playstation Store will get the upgraded version of the game, containing tons of realms, bosses, relics, secrets and features added since Deathstate’s launch on Steam, where it maintains a Very Positive user rating.

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Planes of Terror update is now live!

Today we rolled out Deathstate version 1.10. We have three new worlds that are now added to the level flow (50/50 chance of encountering them in a run as a replacement for one of the original planes). Players can now delve deep into the secrets of the Vestibule of Carcassus, the Flooded Temple of Qit, and the Grave of Time…additionally we’ve added stacks of new player Organs and abilities, more new bosses, and new sound effects. Details below!

Deathstate Update 1.10: Planes of Terror Update

Major Features:
​* Explore 3 new worlds!
* Die to 5 ghastly new bosses.
* Battle over 20 new enemies.
* Discover a wintery suite of Ice-themed weapons and items.

​Minor Features:
* Enemy bullets now always render above player bullets.
* Ingest strange new organs that change your firing patterns.
* New visual effects have been added for various attacks, impacts, debuffs and deaths.
* New options for Mouse Controlled movement.
* 3 new music tracks.
* Dozens of new sound effects.

​Tweaks and Bug Fixes
* Greatly increased the frequency of beneficial effects from the Scientist Random Potion ability. It should be much more rewarding to use now.
* Changed the effect of the Darksteel Plate relic to make it more unique.
* Firing pattern modifications now stack, creating a wider variety of player attack types.
* Both variants of Fetal organs have been buffed.
* The Slimy Skull has been buffed.
* Auto-pickup Options settings now saves between sessions properly.
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused pursuing enemies to “shake” in place.
* Made several performance improvements.
* Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Plague from spreading properly.
* Fixed a bug that causes Elites on World 1 to have too much health.

Drop us a line sometime!

Have you been playing Deathstate and enjoying it? Have some feedback for the team, or encountered a bug? Don’t be a stranger! We’d love to hear from you. We are available in a handful of places outside of just emailing us directly.

Deathstate content update: version 1.04 – Increasing Insanity!

Increasing Insanity update is now live!

Last Friday we rolled out Deathstate version 1.04. Players can look forward to seeing two new bosses in The Fortress of Koth and The Ossein Swamp. There’s a 50/50 chance of encountering the mysterious Crystal Council of radiant gem skeletons or the abominable Malignant Fleshbeast in each world respectively. Also beware of some new Unique enemy encounters in world (Baron Grek the skeleton warlord and the Gray Gug…!)

Deathstate update version 1.04 features two new bosses and new Insanity difficulty mode!

New Insanity difficulty mode available within the Library

For players who have been craving some more punishing challenges in the game, we’re introducing Insanity difficulty mode in 1.04. Before embarking into the Deathstate abyss, players can access a terminal next to the portal and shift the intensity of gameplay frequencies to…insane levels! Players can still ratchet up incremental difficulty by breaking Desecration altars within worlds, so only the most masochistic need apply for Insanity mode.

Deathstate Update 1.04: Increasing Insanity Update

Major Features:
* Challenge the Insanity Portal, the craziest and hardest mode in the game.

* Face 2 hideous new bosses!
* Discover 8 new items and organs, all with unique effects.
* Watch new endings for every character!

​Minor Features:
* You now hit a key to pick up organs and items instead of auto-collecting them. If you’d prefer the original behavior, you can enable it in the options menu under “auto-pickup.”
* New rare unique enemies are now lurking throughout the planes.
* Lots of new particle effects art for buffs and debuffs have been added.
* Several new firing patterns for both the player and enemies.
* Some player weapons have been changed to use these new firing patterns. Their DPS should remain about the same.
* Added more new enemy behaviors for Desecration difficulties.

​Tweaks and Bug Fixes:
* “Get Every Item” achievement is now “Get 140 Items.” Some of the new items are REALLY hard to unlock.
* Grundy’s Lesser Tome of the Eye (Fireball Grimoire) is pretty powerful, so we put it behind an unlock.
* Elite chests can now spawn a maximum of 3 elites.
* Elite enemies now scale based on depth, so they won’t be such push-overs at higher layers.
* Made World 4 maps larger.
* The camera now tracks bosses more actively.
* Slightly increased the movement penalty on the Yellowed Fatty Spleen.
* Further increased Seeker’s Entropy damage.
* Nerfed the maximum possible damage output possible from a single Scar explosion.
* Greatly increased the Brawler’s PUNCH damage. Don’t stop punching!
* Made the Player laser beam visually smaller to reduce how much it obscures enemy bullets.
* Fixed a bug causing various item and weapon effects not to apply to The Eye character correctly.
* Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause you to get stuck in Introspective or Expanded Sight modes.
* Fixed a bug that was causing Desecration Altars to appear on Worlds 2 or 3 even if you didn’t trigger Desecration on World 1.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the final boss to not progress phases under very particular circumstances.

Drop us a line sometime!

Have you been playing Deathstate and enjoying it? Have some feedback for the team, or encountered a bug? Don’t be a stranger! We’d love to hear from you. We are available in a handful of places outside of just emailing us directly.

Deathstate Halloween content update: version 1.03 – Horrorful Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Deathstate!

We hope you’re enjoying the myriad mystic horrors of the Deathstate universe! It’s Halloween time, and that means it’s time for some trick or treats for our players.

Deathstate Update 1.03: Horrorful Halloween Update

Major Features:
* Unlock a spooky new playable character: Pumpkin Man! Meet him by striking fear into the hearts of your foes.
* Discover 3 nightmarish new items, each with a new and unique effect!
* Most major gamepads should now be supported via the new Gamepad Keybinding Menu!
* Scanline overlay effects can now be disabled in the Graphics Options menu. Select “Simple Graphics” to remove them.
* New visual effects for Buffs and Debuffs on characters.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:
* Lasers can now properly trigger proc effects (this bug was most noticeable when playing as the Eye)
* Rebalanced the Seeker’s DoT ability to be more competitive with Scar’s explosion ability.
* Changed the Cosmic Horror’s ability to be more in-line with his Fire Theme.
* Teleporting as the Starcreep looks trippier now!
* The Final Boss has been working out — his health has been increased on “normal” difficulty.
* Slimes in World 2 and 3 are now more dangerous on “normal” difficulty.
* Gibberer’s screen distortion range reduced slightly.
* Several enemies and bosses have gained extra behaviors in Desecration 1+ difficulties.
* Fixed a bug that sometimes cause stacked buffs to never expire.
* Fixed a bug that caused bestiary entries to show as new when they weren’t.
* Fixed a bug preventing tracking of fastest win time.
* Fixed broken Mandira’s Diadem relic effect.
* Fixed bug preventing All Players Unlocked achievement from firing
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the player to take fractional damage and make their health meter unreliable.
* Switched an unlock criteria that required Health+ Potions to count Health Potions as well.

Drop us a line sometime!

Have you been playing Deathstate and enjoying it? Have some feedback for the team, or encountered a bug? Don’t be a stranger! We’d love to hear from you. We are available in a handful of places outside of just emailing us directly.

Deathstate is live! Get it now on Steam for pc and mac!

The Wait is Over. Deathstate is Live!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting (and working) for! Deathstate is available now on Steam.

We’re doing a launch sale of 10% off during the first week on Steam. Check it out while it lasts.

So don’t walk! Run, slither, phase, teleport, or astrally project yourself to Steam right now and get your copy of Deathstate for pc and mac!

Deathstate Trailer is Epic!

Epic Trailer is Epic!

Have you seen the new Deathstate trailer on Youtube? Make sure you’re sitting down, hold onto your butts, and prepare to get your face melted off!

The trailer represents some very hard work done by Pete Johnson and Mike Burns, composing a most shreddingly-awesome music track for the trailer. Also represented is some authentic After Effects wizardry by Chris Davis (real magic power was involved in making this trailer).

In case you want to direct link or share the trailer, it comes in Vimeo flavor too:

Mark Your Calendar!

If your face hasn’t already melted off and you’re still reading this, mark October 20th, 2015 on your calendar. Just in time for all the skeletons and creepers to enjoy on Halloween. Deathstate is real and it is coming soon…

Content Previews: Gameplay Footage, Maze of Ix

The Labyrinthine Maze of Ix

Behold another gameplay video preview!

Here you can see the Star Creep (familiar to you if you’ve seen some of the past gifs we’ve posted). The Star Creep is a sentient humanoid mass of star stuff driven by strange otherworldly motives. During this run we acquired a powerful mix of fire and missile spells and were able to lay waste to most everything that crossed our path. Also you can see some of the Star Creep’s character abilities; the ability to teleport as a triggered ability, and the ability to blink short distances when you take damage. If you’re interested in a highly mobile yet volatile play style, check out the Star Creep!

We cannot guarantee that you won’t teleport into the middle of a mob of enemies, but you will have fun doing it.

Content Previews: Gameplay Footage, Lasers!


Greetings dimensional friends. We have another gameplay footage teaser to share with you:

This time you get to see yet another playable character, the mummy Embalmer. During this run we got some interesting cohesive drops that gave us a crazy amount of lasers…seriously there are so many lasers going on! Deathstate is just that kind of game, where a laser blasting ancient mummy can feel right at home…

“There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the rare weirdness that is Deathstate. Until next time!

Content Previews: New Gameplay Footage

New gameplay footage!

We’ve been gathering tons of gameplay footage lately to use for the new Deathstate release trailer. Here’s a sample of some of what is going on lately in Deathstate.

Here you can see a previously unknown unlockable player character, the Scientist. Also present are some cool new skinned missile bullet add ons. Stick around until the end of the video and you’ll catch a glimpse of the first boss!

Deathstate is coming out soon…are you ready?

Content Previews: Over 150 Items to Collect

As we approach the end of our development cycle, we have begun to start tallying the volume of things we created to populate the world of Deathstate. We’ve written about in game items before and how they embody some different roles for gameplay. To help refresh, on a given run of Deathstate your character can wield:

    One Aspect Stone, the core essence of your character.
    One Relic, whether it be the crown of a forgotten Queen or the tooth of a Saint.
    One Weapon, some manner of spirit possessed blade.
    One Spellbook, a mighty grimoire embodying untold knowledge.
    Unlimited Organs, the literal guts, brains, hearts and eyes taken from the most powerful foes you have destroyed.
    And one Potion, often containing volatile reagents that will not reveal their purpose until they are consumed.

Between Aspect Stones, Relics, Weapons, Spellbooks, Organs, and Potions, at our current count we have over 150 combined for you to discover in the world of Deathstate.

At launch, Deathstate will feature over 150 collectible items for you to discover!

Apart from Organs, the number of items you can carry are limited per run like we described above. This means that discovering new items as you progress often presents a choice between two powerful treasures. Some luck but even more knowledge will guide you in your decision. The better you know the nature of the weird and mighty treasures that lie beyond the portal, the better your chances of surviving with your sanity intact…

At launch, Deathstate will feature over 150 collectible items for you to discover!