December 11, 2015 Pete Lazarski


Planes of Terror update is now live!

Today we rolled out Deathstate version 1.10. We have three new worlds that are now added to the level flow (50/50 chance of encountering them in a run as a replacement for one of the original planes). Players can now delve deep into the secrets of the Vestibule of Carcassus, the Flooded Temple of Qit, and the Grave of Time…additionally we’ve added stacks of new player Organs and abilities, more new bosses, and new sound effects. Details below!

Deathstate Update 1.10: Planes of Terror Update

Major Features:
​* Explore 3 new worlds!
* Die to 5 ghastly new bosses.
* Battle over 20 new enemies.
* Discover a wintery suite of Ice-themed weapons and items.

​Minor Features:
* Enemy bullets now always render above player bullets.
* Ingest strange new organs that change your firing patterns.
* New visual effects have been added for various attacks, impacts, debuffs and deaths.
* New options for Mouse Controlled movement.
* 3 new music tracks.
* Dozens of new sound effects.

​Tweaks and Bug Fixes
* Greatly increased the frequency of beneficial effects from the Scientist Random Potion ability. It should be much more rewarding to use now.
* Changed the effect of the Darksteel Plate relic to make it more unique.
* Firing pattern modifications now stack, creating a wider variety of player attack types.
* Both variants of Fetal organs have been buffed.
* The Slimy Skull has been buffed.
* Auto-pickup Options settings now saves between sessions properly.
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused pursuing enemies to “shake” in place.
* Made several performance improvements.
* Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Plague from spreading properly.
* Fixed a bug that causes Elites on World 1 to have too much health.

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