Deathstate content update: version 1.04 – Increasing Insanity!

Increasing Insanity update is now live!

Last Friday we rolled out Deathstate version 1.04. Players can look forward to seeing two new bosses in The Fortress of Koth and The Ossein Swamp. There’s a 50/50 chance of encountering the mysterious Crystal Council of radiant gem skeletons or the abominable Malignant Fleshbeast in each world respectively. Also beware of some new Unique enemy encounters in world (Baron Grek the skeleton warlord and the Gray Gug…!)

Deathstate update version 1.04 features two new bosses and new Insanity difficulty mode!

New Insanity difficulty mode available within the Library

For players who have been craving some more punishing challenges in the game, we’re introducing Insanity difficulty mode in 1.04. Before embarking into the Deathstate abyss, players can access a terminal next to the portal and shift the intensity of gameplay frequencies to…insane levels! Players can still ratchet up incremental difficulty by breaking Desecration altars within worlds, so only the most masochistic need apply for Insanity mode.

Deathstate Update 1.04: Increasing Insanity Update

Major Features:
* Challenge the Insanity Portal, the craziest and hardest mode in the game.

* Face 2 hideous new bosses!
* Discover 8 new items and organs, all with unique effects.
* Watch new endings for every character!

​Minor Features:
* You now hit a key to pick up organs and items instead of auto-collecting them. If you’d prefer the original behavior, you can enable it in the options menu under “auto-pickup.”
* New rare unique enemies are now lurking throughout the planes.
* Lots of new particle effects art for buffs and debuffs have been added.
* Several new firing patterns for both the player and enemies.
* Some player weapons have been changed to use these new firing patterns. Their DPS should remain about the same.
* Added more new enemy behaviors for Desecration difficulties.

​Tweaks and Bug Fixes:
* “Get Every Item” achievement is now “Get 140 Items.” Some of the new items are REALLY hard to unlock.
* Grundy’s Lesser Tome of the Eye (Fireball Grimoire) is pretty powerful, so we put it behind an unlock.
* Elite chests can now spawn a maximum of 3 elites.
* Elite enemies now scale based on depth, so they won’t be such push-overs at higher layers.
* Made World 4 maps larger.
* The camera now tracks bosses more actively.
* Slightly increased the movement penalty on the Yellowed Fatty Spleen.
* Further increased Seeker’s Entropy damage.
* Nerfed the maximum possible damage output possible from a single Scar explosion.
* Greatly increased the Brawler’s PUNCH damage. Don’t stop punching!
* Made the Player laser beam visually smaller to reduce how much it obscures enemy bullets.
* Fixed a bug causing various item and weapon effects not to apply to The Eye character correctly.
* Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause you to get stuck in Introspective or Expanded Sight modes.
* Fixed a bug that was causing Desecration Altars to appear on Worlds 2 or 3 even if you didn’t trigger Desecration on World 1.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the final boss to not progress phases under very particular circumstances.

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