October 7, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Deathstate Trailer is Epic!

Epic Trailer is Epic!

Have you seen the new Deathstate trailer on Youtube? Make sure you’re sitting down, hold onto your butts, and prepare to get your face melted off!

The trailer represents some very hard work done by Pete Johnson and Mike Burns, composing a most shreddingly-awesome music track for the trailer. Also represented is some authentic After Effects wizardry by Chris Davis (real magic power was involved in making this trailer).

In case you want to direct link or share the trailer, it comes in Vimeo flavor too:

Mark Your Calendar!

If your face hasn’t already melted off and you’re still reading this, mark October 20th, 2015 on your calendar. Just in time for all the skeletons and creepers to enjoy on Halloween. Deathstate is real and it is coming soon…

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