September 12, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: Portals & Pillars

Portals & Pillars

In Deathstate you travel through bizarre portals to reach deeper levels of the abyssal Deathstate. The mysterious portal you find in the Library is the first you will encounter.

Welcome to the Library. This is Deathstate's gameplay hub.

Up until now we’ve had one kind of portal framing pillar setpiece. Recently we had some time to spend elaborating those into a system and we’re very happy with the result! Now every world has it’s own specific skin of portal frame. So while you are traveling through one world the portals you find there will look a little more at home.

What Lies Beyond

An added benefit to the new portal framing setpieces is now when you see a portal leading somewhere it’s design gives you a clue to where it leads. In the Fortress of Koth and see the blue and violet brick portal frame? That probably leads to a different level of the Fortress. But if you’re in the Fortress of Koth and you see a portal frame that visually stands apart from it’s surroundings…
Seek out new, unique looking portals as they may lead to new realms of the unknown.
Now that portal leads elsewhere! Typically you’ll find a portal leading somewhere new at the end of the four levels of a given world. Maybe though on rare occasions you might discover a portal that leads to pocket of extremely hostile space. Seek out new, unique looking portals as they may lead to new realms of the unknown, but travel with care…

Thanks for checking in and we’ll see you next time!

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