September 2, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: The Library Revisited

Secrets and Mysteries Within the Library

This week we’re working on some exposition elements that players will experience on creating a new game. The central figure in that is the Library, the game’s central hub location. Strange secrets and stories about the mysterious game world lie within the Library. If you’ve been reading along you probably have some questions about what exactly is going on in the world of Deathstate. Questions like,

What happened at this Library? How is it linked to these abyssal horror planes from beyond?

Welcome to the Library. This is Deathstate's gameplay hub.
Who is responsible for this? Someone must have built this techno-arcane device.

Is the player trapped in the Library? By what power do they levitate there while they’re not traveling in the Deathstate?

We do have answers to these mysteries and more. It’s up to you to discover them!

Knowledge is Your Power

Deathstate is all about discovering secrets of the forbidden and forgotten. During your periods of rest in the Library there are books available to you to peruse. Perhaps you need a brief respite from confronting those otherworldly terrors just beyond the gate. Maybe you’re looking for a critical clue about a relic’s origin and information on where you might find it again. Maybe you’ve become consumed with your quest for this newfound power and you can’t leave any secret unmastered!

Use books like these in the Library to track your progress and learn more about the weird world of Deathstate.

Books like these allow players to view information on creatures native to the Deathstate, items found there, character related statistics, and general game unlocks. Looking through these menus isn’t required to play Deathstate, but for those craving a deeper play experience and exposure to a bit of interesting lore you should take a look!

You can find the Bestiary within the Library containing secret knowledge about the denizens of Deathstate. As you discover and hunt more horrors it's pages will fill.

As far as design philosophy goes, the majority of the Deathstate team are avid players of the Souls games by From Software. Subsequently we very much enjoy including some rich and interesting story in something pragmatic like an item description.

Do you have the resolve to chronicle the depths of horror that lurk beyond the gate? The choice is yours.

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