Content Previews: Gameplay Footage, Lasers!


Greetings dimensional friends. We have another gameplay footage teaser to share with you:

This time you get to see yet another playable character, the mummy Embalmer. During this run we got some interesting cohesive drops that gave us a crazy amount of lasers…seriously there are so many lasers going on! Deathstate is just that kind of game, where a laser blasting ancient mummy can feel right at home…

“There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the rare weirdness that is Deathstate. Until next time!

Content Previews: New Gameplay Footage

New gameplay footage!

We’ve been gathering tons of gameplay footage lately to use for the new Deathstate release trailer. Here’s a sample of some of what is going on lately in Deathstate.

Here you can see a previously unknown unlockable player character, the Scientist. Also present are some cool new skinned missile bullet add ons. Stick around until the end of the video and you’ll catch a glimpse of the first boss!

Deathstate is coming out soon…are you ready?

Content Previews: Over 150 Items to Collect

As we approach the end of our development cycle, we have begun to start tallying the volume of things we created to populate the world of Deathstate. We’ve written about in game items before and how they embody some different roles for gameplay. To help refresh, on a given run of Deathstate your character can wield:

    One Aspect Stone, the core essence of your character.
    One Relic, whether it be the crown of a forgotten Queen or the tooth of a Saint.
    One Weapon, some manner of spirit possessed blade.
    One Spellbook, a mighty grimoire embodying untold knowledge.
    Unlimited Organs, the literal guts, brains, hearts and eyes taken from the most powerful foes you have destroyed.
    And one Potion, often containing volatile reagents that will not reveal their purpose until they are consumed.

Between Aspect Stones, Relics, Weapons, Spellbooks, Organs, and Potions, at our current count we have over 150 combined for you to discover in the world of Deathstate.

At launch, Deathstate will feature over 150 collectible items for you to discover!

Apart from Organs, the number of items you can carry are limited per run like we described above. This means that discovering new items as you progress often presents a choice between two powerful treasures. Some luck but even more knowledge will guide you in your decision. The better you know the nature of the weird and mighty treasures that lie beyond the portal, the better your chances of surviving with your sanity intact…

At launch, Deathstate will feature over 150 collectible items for you to discover!

Content Previews: Portals & Pillars

Portals & Pillars

In Deathstate you travel through bizarre portals to reach deeper levels of the abyssal Deathstate. The mysterious portal you find in the Library is the first you will encounter.

Welcome to the Library. This is Deathstate's gameplay hub.

Up until now we’ve had one kind of portal framing pillar setpiece. Recently we had some time to spend elaborating those into a system and we’re very happy with the result! Now every world has it’s own specific skin of portal frame. So while you are traveling through one world the portals you find there will look a little more at home.

What Lies Beyond

An added benefit to the new portal framing setpieces is now when you see a portal leading somewhere it’s design gives you a clue to where it leads. In the Fortress of Koth and see the blue and violet brick portal frame? That probably leads to a different level of the Fortress. But if you’re in the Fortress of Koth and you see a portal frame that visually stands apart from it’s surroundings…
Seek out new, unique looking portals as they may lead to new realms of the unknown.
Now that portal leads elsewhere! Typically you’ll find a portal leading somewhere new at the end of the four levels of a given world. Maybe though on rare occasions you might discover a portal that leads to pocket of extremely hostile space. Seek out new, unique looking portals as they may lead to new realms of the unknown, but travel with care…

Thanks for checking in and we’ll see you next time!

Stream Deathstate Early > Get Free Stuff

Stream Deathstate Early > Get Free Stuff

Greetings denizens of the great abyss! Do you like playing games on Twitch and Youtube? Deathstate is looking for able bodied streamers and lp’ers who are interested in playing and sharing Deathstate with their audience. We’ll be able to offer you some free Deathstate swag in the form of stickers, t-shirts, and posters!

You can also look forward to early access to a pre-final build of Deathstate plus additional Steam keys on launch for giveaways. Does that sound appealing to you? Then let’s talk!

Email us at [email protected] to apply. Include a brief introduction and link to your channel and we’ll see if we have a match. If you already have a well established viewing community that is excellent, but get in touch regardless! There is a massive amount of weird, awesome content to discover plus hours of gameplay to enjoy in the world of Deathstate.

Deathstate is looking for Twitch and Youtube streamers interested in covering our game. Get cool swag!

Deathstate coming to Steam on October 20th, 2015

Deathstate is coming to Steam on October 20th, 2015!

Workinman and the Deathstate Development Team are happy to announce that Deathstate will be launching on Steam on October 20, 2015. It’s official. The summer has gone exceptionally well for Deathstate production and we’re getting ready to move into our final phases. This means the majority of content is in and we’re looking at a few weeks of internal balancing, polish and qa before shipping.

Deathstate is built in Unity, so PC, Mac, and Linux users will all be ready to start exploring the outer abysses once we launch!

If you’re the kind of person to relish in the Halloween season, Deathstate will be ready in October to help fill your gaming hours with all sorts of spooky skeletons and creepers. Make sure to save a spot for Deathstate on any “Best Halloween Games of 2015” lists you may be making!

Stay Tuned for Updates

Deathstate is an awesome game with layers of rich content and features, and we’ve been having a blast working on it. Soon we will be ready to share its unique roguelike bullet hell single stick shooter insanity with the world!

Content Previews: The Library Revisited

Secrets and Mysteries Within the Library

This week we’re working on some exposition elements that players will experience on creating a new game. The central figure in that is the Library, the game’s central hub location. Strange secrets and stories about the mysterious game world lie within the Library. If you’ve been reading along you probably have some questions about what exactly is going on in the world of Deathstate. Questions like,

What happened at this Library? How is it linked to these abyssal horror planes from beyond?

Welcome to the Library. This is Deathstate's gameplay hub.
Who is responsible for this? Someone must have built this techno-arcane device.

Is the player trapped in the Library? By what power do they levitate there while they’re not traveling in the Deathstate?

We do have answers to these mysteries and more. It’s up to you to discover them!

Knowledge is Your Power

Deathstate is all about discovering secrets of the forbidden and forgotten. During your periods of rest in the Library there are books available to you to peruse. Perhaps you need a brief respite from confronting those otherworldly terrors just beyond the gate. Maybe you’re looking for a critical clue about a relic’s origin and information on where you might find it again. Maybe you’ve become consumed with your quest for this newfound power and you can’t leave any secret unmastered!

Use books like these in the Library to track your progress and learn more about the weird world of Deathstate.

Books like these allow players to view information on creatures native to the Deathstate, items found there, character related statistics, and general game unlocks. Looking through these menus isn’t required to play Deathstate, but for those craving a deeper play experience and exposure to a bit of interesting lore you should take a look!

You can find the Bestiary within the Library containing secret knowledge about the denizens of Deathstate. As you discover and hunt more horrors it's pages will fill.

As far as design philosophy goes, the majority of the Deathstate team are avid players of the Souls games by From Software. Subsequently we very much enjoy including some rich and interesting story in something pragmatic like an item description.

Do you have the resolve to chronicle the depths of horror that lurk beyond the gate? The choice is yours.