August 29, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: Mega Chests

The Deathstate world is very old and full of weird treasures. We’ve mentioned before how during runs you will find treasure chests selfishly guarded by otherworldly nasties. In these chests you will typically find a single relic or a few gold, potion, or health drops. Well, we’re not stopping there…

Enter the Mega Chest

Mega Chests are exactly what they sound like. Giant, enormous, gold covered setpiece chests filled with a plethora of rare goodies and trinkets. They will take a bit of playing and unlocking to enable in your game, but once they are unlocked you better be ready. Mega Chests don’t just open for any traveler stumbling by. All are guarded by some manner of high tier encounter or event. You don’t need to worry about accidentally triggering the event (unless you are button mashing), so if you see a Mega Chest and you decide that this is your time to be a champion you’ll have the opportunity to prepare your surroundings and maybe go grab that spare health drop you left earlier in the floor.

Survive the trial of the Mega Chest and you will reap great rewards.

Once you’ve triggered a Mega Chest event it’s time to fight! In the particular testing instance we took these gifs and screenshots from, the Mega Chest summons a pack of Elite Skeleton Warlords and some lesser minions. For many players this can be the kind of battle that makes or breaks your run. If you’re in a gambling mood or just plain treasure hungry, dive right in! If you already have a solid build going and don’t want to risk it, maybe leaving the Mega Chest alone is the wise decision for you. Where’s the fun in that though? Fortune favors the bold!

Champion of the Treasure Hoard

Behold the terrors unleashed when the Seeker tries to plunder the Mega Chest!

Once you’ve defeated the monsters summoned by the Mega Chest it will then open and relinquish it’s hoard over to you. Multiple Relics, Potions, and Spellbooks may be hidden inside. Even Organs. And gold! So much gold! Congratulations, brave champion! For you have survived the trial of the Mega Chest.

General Development Updates

In midst of all of the content stuff we’ve been sharing, we wanted to mention that in general the status of the game moving towards completion is going well. In broad terms we are approaching an internal Beta and are going to begin QA and polish rounds soon. Also this means that we are getting closer to being able to announce a release date for Deathstate. It will be happening…sometime soon!

Thanks for visiting and reading! Keep dreaming of arcane treasures scattered throughout the deep and terrible vastness of space!

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