August 26, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: The Maze of Ix


In a previous Content Preview we talked a little bit about the Maze of Ix theme music. Today we’re going to discuss more on the setting and it’s weird inhabitants!

Swarms of horrors and nightmares wander the hallways of the Maze of Ix!

The Maze of Ix is the third world in the Deathstate universe. It also may be the world that has gone through the most iteration and balancing out of any in the game so far. While the Maze of Ix is a “maze”, the level generation for its floors has become more open and less claustrophobic over time. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feature some labyrinthine and claustrophobic features! In a procedural bullet hell game where positioning is prime importance you begin to appreciate the difference between an open room and a narrow hallway. The Maze of Ix strives to explore the tension between those features.

You Shall Not Pass!

Among all worlds in development, the Maze of Ix also features the most position-critical enemies gathered together in one world. Strange Spiderkin leave behind clusters of baby spiders when they die! Green Slimes disintegrate into corrosive puddles of ooze! Skeletal Pharaohs have an aggressive teleport ability to pursue players who are trying to flee! And packs of flying Evil Eyes will circle overhead for some time before swooping down to attack. All of these major or minor interruptions to progressing through a floor makes for a tense and exciting run experience unique to the Maze of Ix!

Wielding powerful fire magic is one way to deal with being overwhelmed by mobs in Deathstate.

You may have noticed in some of today’s preview gifs some new and esoteric player characters we are working on, namely the Star Creep and Horror! We’ll have to talk more about those sometime soon…

Thanks again for stopping by and reading. Helpful advice: if you ever find yourself lost in a maze, always go right and you will find your way. Until next time, star travelers!

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