August 19, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: Mummies!!!

There are some fantasy and horror genre monsters that are so evergreen and nasty that you always want to include them into your bestiary. It’s evident already that Team Deathstate are big fans of Skeletons, but have we told you about our love of Mummies?

Deathstate ♥ Mummies.

Above all others, Deathstate dev and artist Mike Roushey bears a particular affinity to all members of Mummy-kind:

In this or any other astral plane mummies, mummos and mum-ra’s are the kings of all that is and ever will be. None can equal their crawling beauty or cursed grace. Although they are slow to learn, even the strongest fire cannot burn away their strength of heart.

In fact, we were originally planning on having one Mummy enemy in Deathstate until Roushey and artist Matt Porter kept making new mummies.

A lineup of some of the Deathstate mummies  you may find haunting an astral tomb!

Here you can see a Mummy spawner lead dev Matt Leffler and Mike Roushey are prototyping for end game. So many of Mummy!

Team Deathstate hearts Mummies. Testing out a Sarcophagus mummy spawner made by devs Matt Leffler and Mike Roushey.

There’s just something about that supernatural Mummy essence that is perfect for Deathstate. Mummies being a terrestrial remnant of an ancient culture, an intended inheritor of future supernatural life via grim corporeal preparation, and ultimate in the weird mystery of their wealth and decoration…We think Mummies (be they terrestrial or otherworldly) are well at home in our strange abyssal worlds as they are in the Egyptian Pyramids.

Thanks again for checking out the Deathstate Content Preview. We’ll see you next time!

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