August 15, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: Maze of Ix and Boss Theme Music

The Maze of Ix

The Maze of Ix is the third world in the Deathstate universe. Strange crypt-like pathways built out of limestone set the stage here. Deep beneath the winding maze lies a red howling cosmic miasma…The halls of the Maze of Ix teem with strange, forgotten beings. Twisted spider mothers, abominable puddles of flesh, and winged flying eyes perpetually wander the maze in search of victims.

Swarms of horrors and nightmares wander the hallways of the Maze of Ix!

The music in the Maze of Ix beats with an eerie staccato rhythm reminiscent of the myriad inhuman footsteps echoing around you. Echoing synth underlies the track to convey the feeling of the weird openness of this nightmare plane.

Now for a Real Nightmare!

Nothing ratchets up the pacing of a game like an epic boss theme. The core Deathstate boss theme interrupts your main gameplay with fast paced, musical intensity. Once you hear the music change over you’ll know it’s time for you to fight for your life!

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