August 12, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: Expanding on Minibosses

The Seeker squares off against a deadly Starchild Emissary!

Minibosses, Time Out and Desecration

If you’ve followed information on Deathstate so far you may have seen this tall green formidable foe. While our definition of them have been changing, the mechanics behind these minibosses follow two core elements in gameplay.

  • They will appear if you have spent too much time in a given level, acting as sort of a time-out event to help spur on progress or extra challenge. Also,
  • They will now appear when you desecrate an Altar. This adds an immediate challenge to a run for players brave enough to look for it.
  • For a long time in development we’ve had only the one miniboss entity in our builds for testing. But, with the passage time and the shifting of dimensions some new more menacing forms have begun to emerge from the void…

    Adding more depth and variety to our in game minibosses helps create a concrete gameplay progression for players.

    What you see here partially revealed are three Emissaries of the Starchild race. Adept creatures of expansive intellect, they are some of the most pervasive creatures to Deathstate (second only to Undead). Guided by the weird twisting path of time and planar isolation, they feature a bizarre varied morphology while still keeping core identifying features of their race. In gameplay terms, adding more depth and variety to our in game minibosses helps create a concrete progression for players. Plus its thrilling for us to see a section of content that has mostly been in stasis begin to get filled out and expanded upon!

    As with much of the content we preview regarding Deathstate, these threatening Starchild Emissaries are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to miniboss encounters.

    Travelers of the Outer Realms

    The place where these bosses fit into the world of Deathstate lore is an interesting one. Similar to player characters in some ways, these beings are also travelers of the myriad planes of unreality. Some may be trapped and trying to escape, while others represent seasoned and potent wanderers well equipped to navigate these forbidding realms. Some may represent a chance to gain a run boosting relic or the figurative death-knell of a run about to go up in flames. All should be considered a mighty threat!

    Thanks again for stopping in and reading the update. We have such sights to show you!

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