August 8, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: The Ossein Swamp and Organs

The Ossein Swamp, a Vile Stinking Place

Previously mentioned in the last Content Preview, the Ossein Swamp is the second world in Deathstate. It is a terrible place where weird cultists roam among the stagnant blood covered ruins. Wild beasts and monsters swarm the area as well in terrifying numbers. The Ossein Swamp features some of the faster and more mobile enemies in the game. In our current balancing we’ve found it to be an exciting jolt of action in the gameplay progression. Running into Elites in the Ossein Swamp can be a very dangerous situation if you haven’t cleared a safe area to engage them.
Deep within the Ossein Swamp, strange cultists roam with terrifying beasts.

Organs, Organs Everywhere

Deathstate is full of weird relics, spellbooks and weapons for you to find and use in your quest. Among those things you will discover are Organs. While you have finite slots to be able to hold other items (only one spellbook at a time, for example), you can carry as many Organs as you wish! Instead of merely carrying them we like to think that you take the new found organ into your spirit-form to truly change your core being. Each Organ gives you some sort of ability buff and all have some brief story element tied to them. Perhaps you will find the lungs of an ancient spice merchant, or the relic tooth of a forgotten saint. Maybe you will have four alien eyes and a brain barded in iron! We’re very happy with the level of weirdness equipping Organs has brought to Deathstate.
In Deathstate you equip the organs of powerful dead beings to make you stronger. Truly bizarre!
Thanks again for visiting and reading. Take good care of your organs and we will see you next time!

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