August 5, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: Game Theme and Ossein Swamp Music

The Deathstate Sound

Those of us behind Deathstate feel a quality game soundtrack is just about as important as the game itself. Many times during game development things will just “click” once you get some decent sound effects and background music in. Each Deathstate world features its own unique background music, on top of multiple boss fight themes and other music elements to help fine tune gameplay feedback and mood. It’s safe to say that we are really into the music! Many thanks and credit to Pete Johnson and Mike Burns for helping us develop the Deathstate sound!

Developer and composer Mike Burns shares his thoughts on the Deathstate sound:

For each world’s soundtrack, it’s important to balance tone-setting, ambient atmosphere with a driving melodic line and rhythm track to create the most effectively compelling aural space.

Being a 2d pixel based game we wanted the soundtrack to dwell in a space that would be both nostalgic and authentic to the visual roots. Thats why we chose to compose our music primarily out of soundblaster audio elements with a few deviations wherever there was something fun to gain. Perfect for a pixel art game that heavily uses Unity shader visual effects!

The Main Menu Theme

The main menu theme is the core song driving the Deathstate music experience. Heavy with eerie church bells and an echoing bass sound and plenty of fuzz on top. When you hear this you’ll know that you’re about to enter into a weirdly arcane and otherworldly game. This won’t be the last time you hear strange bells and gongs ringing throughout the soundtrack. There’s something innately “Deathstate” about the sound of an echoing bell…

The Ossein Swamp

The Ossein Swamp is filled with nasty monsters.

The Ossein Swamp is the second world in the Deathstate universe (further details and previews soon to follow). It is a gloomy and dire place filled with strange cults and wild beasts amidst mold covered bloody ruins…beneath the main foreground instruments you can hear a drawn out wail of synth that adds the right kind of eerie tone to Ossein Swamp. Could it be the howl of some horror, the echo of some vile ritual, or the crying of the stars themselves?

Thanks again for visiting, reading, and listening! We’ll see you next time.

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