August 1, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Content Previews: The Library, Fortress of Koth

Thanks for checking out the new Deathstate content preview! We have such sights to show you.

Welcome to the Library

One of the most significant additions we’ve made to Deathstate over the past months is the addition of the Library. Gameplay wise this is your hub area where you will launch gameplay, switch player characters and view what monsters and relics you’ve discovered.

Welcome to the Library.  This is Deathstate's gameplay hub.

The Walls Have Eyes

One of the new additions visible in the first Deathstate world is animated world tiles. It adds a nice subtle strangeness to your surroundings when you notice an eye embedded in the ceiling blinking at you! Flickering candles also added a lot of life to the gameplay atmosphere. All worlds in the game will feature animated background tiles that follow a similar logic.
Deep within the Fortress of Koth even the walls have eyes...

Desecration Station

Another new feature visible in the Fortress of Koth are Desecration Altars. Available for players who find Deathstate too easy so they can kick up the difficulty and the rewards. You don’t need to desecrate Altars to complete the game, but you can if you wish…
Who knows what strange secrets are kept within the Altar?

Beware of Elites!

The final feature I want to mention that we’re adding in are Elites. Not quite a miniboss but stronger than a vanilla enemy, Elites have extra abilities and attack patterns that will surprise and challenge an unsuspecting player. You can choose to avoid them if they seem too dangerous but each presents an additional chance for you to find a rare relic or organ to improve your build. No risk no reward in the world of Deathstate!
The Priest squares off against an Elite Skeleton King. What a nightmare!

That’s all we have for now. See you next time, astral traveler!

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