July 30, 2015 Pete Lazarski

Deathstate is Greenlit by Steam Community! Plus Content Previews

Thank you, Steam and Steam Community!

We’ve been working so much this Summer adding tons of new content and features to Deathstate that we almost forgot to mention that we’ve been Greenlit on Steam! Thanks to everybody who voted and helped spread the word to the Steam Community!

A preview of the new female player character designs and some tweaks to the Fortress of Koth!

Upcoming Content Previews

We’re going to be doing weekly updates from here on out with gameplay screenshots and gifs highlighting what new horrors you can expect to see in the world of Deathstate. A few things worth mentioning now since you might catch glimpses of them in the post images,

  • Visual Updates to Female Player Characters. We originally made our first female player character as a reskin of the male base. After living with both for this long we did another pass to make her appear less blocky and rectangular. We’ll have more to say about this as we reveal more new playable characters.
  • Mechanical Differences in Player Abilities. Each character starts gameplay with one triggerable ability.
  • Some visual and hierarchy changes to World 1 – Fortress of Koth enemies. Most notable are the Skeleton Warlords and the red Blood Skeletons. Those also have better ai and a more aggressive of tracking the player around corners!

Some explosive player abilities being used in the Fortress of Koth!

Soon we’ll be sharing our release plans and a concrete feature list. We’ll see you then!

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