November 11, 2014 Emily Veras

Deathstate Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

We uploaded a video today that features almost three continuous minutes of gameplay from the current version of Deathstate! Inside you can see some previews of the first two worlds and the player character build we’re calling “The Adventurer”. We hope you like skeletons (we really like  skeletons). You might even see a boss and some secret items while you’re viewing too.

This video was made while playing with a fully unlocked character at a mid-high character level, so enemies kind of melt under fire. That said, the Deathstate team is a real fan of games with old school difficulty, so we’re working on making sure the experience from Level 1 and beyond is challenging and rewarding to players that like tough games. A level 1 character will face some real challenge from the enemies in World 1. And you’re going to die. A lot.

We’ll be posting more videos and official trailers of Deathstate as we go. If you haven’t already signed up for the email list to find out when the demo is available, do so!

See you on the other side…